Colorado Knee & Hip- Centennial

A Hip Preservation Specialist Based Out of Centennial

Dr. Swann aims to bring a high level of care through his minimally invasive surgical solutions. Be it hip preservation, hip replacement, or revision hip replacement, he carries out each surgery with meticulous precision. Benefit from a fellowship-trained total joint surgeon based out of a hip preservation center in Centennial, rather than opting for an invasive surgical procedure. Offering innovative hip surgeries, he is a specialist in handling hip arthroscopy, hip dysplasia surgery, periacetabular osteotomy, and hip replacement. Whether you’ve experienced a fracture, wear, and tear or arthritis, Dr. Swann works to perform hip resurfacing surgeries, if other conservative treatment plans fail. 

With your pain eliminated, you can jump back into leading a liberated life with no stiffness, pain, or reduced range of motion. Enabling faster-recovery and providing specialist solutions, you get to opt for preventive measures rather than curative measures with hip preservation surgery. An alternative for older invasive techniques, Dr. Presley Swann periacetabular osteotomy’s technique takes only 1½ hours. Using a muscle-sparring approach, Dr. Swann makes it possible for you to return to your life conveniently. In contrast to the traditional approach, his hip arthroscopy’s approach uses a novel arthroscopic technique, where damage is reduced. 

 The Foremost Hip & Knee Doctor in Centennial 

If your current concern is getting your knee condition fixed, then Dr. Swann’s expert guidance is optimal for tackling any knee condition. Whether you require knee surgery due to arthritis or trauma, we have the relevant techniques for eliminating your pain. With pain management and recovery being top concerns when it comes to a total knee replacement, Dr. Presley Swann eliminates this challenge through this path-breaking post-operative recovery standard. Be it painful or unstable knees, he can handle any unique condition with the appropriate surgical measure. 

Being of the foremost partial and revision knee specialist for Centennial residents, you get to rake in the following benefits when you undergo a partial knee replacement surgery:

  • You Get to Go Home the Same Day 
  • You get To Restore Full-Range of Motions Two Weeks Post-Op 
  • You Will Be Pain Free Two Weeks Post-Op
  • You Get to Experience A Minimally Invasive Procedure for Maintaining Natural Ligaments 

Understanding your concerns, Dr. Swann carries out a total knee replacement for South Centennial residents while limiting the use of narcotics for your comfort. So, bounce back to your old life with the experience and skill displayed by Dr. Presley Swann.