Hip Resurfacing or Replacement

Hip replacement surgery, conducted in Denver, is a surgery to replace the worn out or damaged hip joint with a metal ball and socket prosthesis. The goal of hip resurfacing or replacement surgery is to remove the parts of the hip that are causing pain and restore motion to the hip joint. Hip resurfacing or replacement surgery, provided by one of the top hip resurfacing surgeons in Denver, may be needed after the hip joint develops arthritis, has a fracture, or if other conservative pain treatments have already failed. Dr. Swann is a expertly trained to take care of any hip replacement surgery through a minimally invasive and muscle sparing technique.

Direct anterior hip (minimally invasive)

Traditional total hip replacements have been made through a side incision or back of the hip incision. Direct anterior approach involves a 3-4 inch incision at the front of the hip that allows the muscles to be moved without having to detach tendons to replace the worn ball and socket. By not removing tendons, the hip can be more stable so post-op hip precautions can be minimized. Dr. Swann has been using the direct anterior hip replacement approach for years and can perform the surgery in under an hour. Many patients discharge from the hospital or hip replacement center in Denver the very same day! A detailed video of the procedure can be found at the bottom of this page.

Mini-Posterior Hip (minimally invasive)

The mini-posterior hip replacement offers as small as an incision as the direct anterior hip approach, roughly around 3-4 inches. The difference is this approach is done through the posterior or back of the hip. The approach is an advancement of the traditional posterior approach, but unlike the traditional posterior, Dr. Swann does not have to cut abductor muscles which are used to provide hip stability. Both approaches offer excellent results, Dr. Swann will work with you to decide which approach will be best for you and your new hip! A detailed video of the mini-posterior (direct superior) hip procedure can be found below.

Watch an anterior hip video

Watch a Mini-Posterior Hip video