Partial Knee Replacement

A partial knee replacement surgery (Uni-compartmental knee) involves only resurfacing the part of the knee that is affected by arthritis. This is either the medial, lateral, or patella-femoral compartment of the knee. By minimally resurfacing only part of the knee, Dr. Swann, one of the finest partial knee replacement surgeons is able to restore natural motion and eliminate pain while keeping all native ligaments intact. If you are a partial knee candidate and require partial knee replacement treatment, you can expect:

  • A minimally invasive procedure maintaining natural ligaments
  • Go home the same day
  • Most patients have full range of motion two weeks post-op
  • Most patients are pain free in two weeks

Uni-compartmental knee patients tend to do better than their total knee counterparts due to the minimally invasive nature with less bone removal and the fact that all native ligaments and tissues are maintained.

Patients with uni-compartmental knees report of a more naturally feeling knee replacement and often recover much faster, through getting partial knee replacement done in Denver. Watch a video below of how a partial knee replacement is performed in surgery.

Medial partial Knee (“Uni”) Replacement

Watch a Partial knee video