Hip Pain

There can be many reasons for hip pain or when to see a hip surgeon in Denver, including:

  • Hip dysplasia — undeveloped, shallow hip socket
  • Hip arthritis — a condition causing joint space narrowing and inflammation of ball and socket joint
  • Femoral-acetabular impingement — ball and socket structural abnormalities cause pain and pinching
  • Labral tears of the cartilage rim around the hip socket
  • Soft tissue inflammation in the hip, like bursitis

Dr. Swann, a hip specialist in Denver, will help identify which issues you are having with your hip by using x-rays or MRIs, and a physical exam. Dr. Swann is an expert in hip arthritis surgery and at trying to preserve the joint using cutting edge surgery like PAOs on good candidates to reverse time and prevent arthritis from forming. If you are already at the stage of needing a hip replacement or revision of a hip replacement, simply search for the ‘best hip surgeons near me. Thereon, be rest assured, as Dr. Swann is a specialist hip doctor in Denver and has performed thousands of hip replacements using minimally invasive surgery.

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