Colorado Knee & Hip- Littleton

An Innovative Revision Knee Surgery in Littleton

Being one of the few orthopedic specialists specializing in hip preservation surgery and minimally invasive knee and hip surgery, Dr. Swann works to provide a high level of care. Bringing forth cutting-edge solutions, he provides surgical options with faster recovery. Enabling you to lead a pain-free life, where your complete range of motion is restored, Dr. Presley provides specialist solutions. Offering a complete range of treatment options for knee and hip conditions through a hip preservation center for Littleton residents, he works to provide lasting results.

Under Dr. Swann’s expert and experienced guidance, you get to undergo a hip preservation surgery rather than a hip replacement surgery. Inhibiting the onset of arthritis and facilitating the functioning of the joint, a hip preservation surgery carried out by Dr. Swann works to tackle a broad spectrum of hip conditions. Allowing you to make use of preventive measures as opposed to remedial options, he is experienced in carrying out arthroscopy and repairing abductor dysfunction. Having gained a credible reputation and stature as the best hip preservation specialist for Littleton residents, he harnesses the use of a muscle-sparring approach.

Whether you require a total knee replacement due to osteoarthritis or a traumatic experience, Dr. Swann uses a non-narcotic pathway for any given joint replacement surgery. Wielding his expertise, he showcases his capacity as a fellowship-trained total joint surgeon. With him guiding you and helping you make an appropriate decision, getting your knee or hip joint assessed by him makes a significant difference. Owing to recovery and pain management being one of the biggest challenges when handling total knee replacement, Dr. Swann has set a new standard for post-surgery recovery.

A Specialist Total Knee Replacement Technique for Littleton Residents

Possessing his experience and specialist abilities, he works to tackle unstable and painful knees. Rather than opting for an invasive procedure, Dr. Swann understand your needs and acts accordingly. Being the foremost hip doctor for Littleton residents and letting you live pain free, he handles cases of infections, fractures, loosening implants or poorly done primary total knee replacement surgeries.

With his procedures involving zero time in hospital and with you having the liberty to go home the same day, Dr. Swann works to provide you with a convenient experience. Keeping narcotics to a minimum and placing your replacement knee close to the knee before your arthritic condition, he conducts surgical procedures for ultimate comfort and pain relief. Harnessing a multi-disciplinary approach, you get to return functionality and flexibility in no time.