Hip Preservation

The field of hip preservation has exploded nationwide and Dr. Swann, who is a hip preservation specialist in Denver, has helped develop this field through his research and authoring of multiple papers for the medical literature. He offers cutting-edge hip solutions varying from periacetabular osteotomy, hip arthroscopy, hip dysplasia surgery, to minimally invasive hip resurfacing and hip replacement. Fellowship training in the hip preservation and hip replacement field has helped patients receive the best care in order to keep their native hip longer and ultimately can give them a more active life. Many of our Denver and out of state patients are extremely active and we want to help them stay that way, pain-free!

Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO)

Great strides have been made in screening newborns for hip dysplasia so treatment can be rendered at a young age. However, mild or “shallow” dysplasia of the hip socket, or acetabular dysplasia, often goes undetected until the person is in their teens or even 20s. They experience severe hip pain due to an improperly seated femoral head (ball) because the socket is not completely formed. Periacetabular osteotomy surgery in Denver with Dr. Presley Swann is performed to correct hip dysplasia by making small surgical incisions around the socket and hip joint to reorient the patient’s pelvis to reduce wear and tear. This minimally invasive form of hip preservation can usually prevent them from needing a hip replacement without hip precautions for 20 years!

Older procedures involved releasing all the muscles around the hip, resulting in a more invasive surgery with longer recovery. Based on Harvard results, the operation took four hours, the patient lost 2000 mL of blood and stayed in the hospital for five days. With this muscle-sparing approach, Dr. Swann’s averages are 1½ hours in surgery, 400ccs of blood loss and just two days post-op in our hip preservation center in Denver. A video can be watched below of what a typical PAO procedure looks like.

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Hip Arthroscopy

Dr. Swann is one of two surgeons in the country offering this new arthroscopic technique. The surgical difference is that the hip is accessed from outside of the outer layer under direct visualization with the scope. This has the effect of reducing damage to the hip caused by the surgeons when using the more traditional technique. Dr. Presley Swann feels this is a safer procedure and is excited that his video of the surgery was accepted for presentation at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons this spring in Orlando.