Colorado Knee & Hip- Lone Tree

 The Top Joint Replacement Surgeon for Lone Tree Residents 

Our knee and hip joints experience a significant degree of wear and tear throughout our lives. With the amount of friction they face, our joints can develop chronic conditions. Specialist in carrying out minimally invasive knee and hip surgeries, Dr. Swann skillfully manages unique conditions with ease. Be it hip resurfacing, hip dysplasia surgery, or a periacetabular osteotomy, Dr. Presley Swann delivers lasting solutions. Working to bring a life-long difference to your quality of life, he brings forth his experience and unique muscle-sparing technique. Based out of his hip preservation center for Lone Tree residents, he restores the functionality of your hip or knee. 

Having authored multiple papers for medical literature and consistently creating cutting-edge hip and knee solutions, you get to undergo effective surgeries. With Dr. Swann’s surgery taking up an average of 1½ hours when undertaking a periacetabular osteotomy, you get to benefit from quick procedures. Using an ingenious arthroscopic technique for your hip arthroscopy, innovative surgeries bring you the ultimate relief. The key intention of Dr. Presley Swann is to restore your motion and functionality in no time for allowing you to lead a liberated life. 

An Unique Approach for A Total Knee Replacement Surgery in Lone Tree

Rather than requiring a hip-replacement surgery in your future, opt to get a hip preservation surgery. By tackling knees and hip joints having suffered trauma or osteoarthritis, Dr. Swann relieves the pain you’ve been experiencing. Whether you’re having trouble bending over, rising from your chair, or doing daily-activities, his specialist approach enables you to get back home the very same day. Familiar with how invasive surgeries involve longer recovery periods, he ensures you recover fast post-op.  Being one of the foremost hip preservation specialists for Lone Tree residents, you get to live a lively life with no worries. 

Effectively treating pain with a non-narcotic pathway, he has carved himself a position as one of the best revision knee surgery specialists in Lone Tree. When tending to knee-replacement surgeries, he uses a blend of kinetic balancing and a unique approach to pain protocol for giving you relief. Inserting a long-lasting pump into your thigh, the pain medication releases periodically for three days. Through tackling only the impacted areas and leaving everything less natural, Dr. Swann has gained a reputation as the best hip and knee doctor in Lone Tree for Lone Tree residents.