Knee Pain

There can be many reasons for knee pain and when to see a knee specialist in Denver, including:

  • Knee arthritis — a condition causing joint space narrowing and inflammation of knee joint and deterioration of cartilage
  • Meniscal tears of the knee or other cartilage damage
  • Soft tissue inflammation in the knee, like bursitis

Dr. Swann is a knee doctor in Denver, using advanced techniques like Kinetic Alignment knee replacements and partial knee replacements to treat knee pain, through knee arthritis treatment provided in Denver. He will diagnose and offer a treatment plan that works for you. Dr. Swann has performed thousands of minimally invasive partial and total knee replacement surgeries which has restored quality of life by restoring motion and eliminating pain. Dr. Swann also is referred to by other orthopedic surgeons for complex knee problems such as infections and revision knee replacements from previously failed total knee replacements.