Colorado Knee & Hip- Lakewood

An Experienced Hip Specialist Based Out Of Lakewood

Cognizant of how traditional and older surgical solutions are more invasive, Dr. Presley Swann makes use of minimally invasive procedures. Based out of a hip preservation center in Lakewood, he works to tackle any pain, stiffness, or discomfort you may be experiencing in your hip or knees. When visiting our center, you get to experience faster recovery and minimal pain post undergoing your surgery. Helping you return to your old life, Dr. Swann ensures you experience no inconvenience when you consult with our center. 

Resultant of a fracture, infection, or implant loosening, Dr. Presley uses an innovative technique when performing a revision knee replacement. Even if it’s a total knee replacement you’re looking to get, Dr. Swann has set a new standard for replacing worn-out bones through an outpatient procedure. With zero time spent in the hospital and with you having the liberty to go home the same day, his kinetically balanced approach is unlike any other. Inserting a long-acting pump into your thigh, the pump releases medication for three-days periodically, leaving you pain-free. Being the foremost total knee and revision knee specialist based out of Lakewood, Dr. Swann has mastered the craft of restoring different joints. 

Get Hip & Knee Conditions Treated at Our Hip Preservation Center in Lakewood

With great strides made within the medical field, Dr. Presley Swann has perfected his muscle-sparring approach, where recovery is quick and easy. Consistently advancing on traditional approaches, he is the foremost fellowship-trained joint surgeon who works to bring convenience and comfort to his patients. Facilitating you to return to your activities with no time and eliminating the stiffness you experience, Dr. Swann brings forward cutting-edge surgical solutions. 

Rather than allowing your loosened implants or infection to become a source of nuisance for you, undergo a revision hip replacement surgery at our center. Re-balance your knees and find relief from the pain you constantly experience with unique procedures. Tackling only the impacted areas, Dr. Presley leaves everything else natural. Trained to handle direct anterior hip and mini-posterior hip surgeries, each of his procedures is an advancement in traditional approaches.

Whether you need a knee or hip doctor based out of Lakewood, you can easily undergo a wide range of surgical procedures at our center. Using a multi-disciplinary approach and limiting the use of narcotics, Dr. Swann makes appropriate decisions regarding your health. Equipped with the skill to handle your hip and knee condition, his procedures rule out any possibilities of bacterial infections or immobility post-op.