Revision Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement, like total knee, is one of the most successful procedures in medicine. Patients have been able to live more actively and live pain free for many years after surgery. Over time, however, a hip replacement may fail for one of several reasons. You may experience hip replacement pain which would cause pain in your groin or thigh bone. The artificial hip may also dislocate, which can be painful and may need to be reduced in the ER. Your hip could also appear swollen or red near your incision site. Reasons for failed hip replacements are:

  • Implant loosening – metal parts loosening from bone or excessive plastic wear
  • Infection – where a bacteria or fungus adheres to the metal implant
  • Fractures – bone breaks due to fall or an accident
  • Hip Replacement Pain– the hip may have never felt right to begin with or has been painful ever since
Left: Total Hip Fracture from Fall
Right: Revision Hip Replacement

It is best to seek the care of a fellowship-trained total joint surgeon to have the hip repaired due to the complexity of replacing an already replaced joint. In a revision hip, through a hip revision surgery in Denver, the doctor would remove either some or all of your worn out implants. If there was a fracture from a fall like the picture above, the bone would be put back together and wired to hold it in place, a long revision stem would be placed to pass the fracture, through carrying out a revision hip replacement in Denver.

Watch the revision hip video below