Colorado Knee & Hip –Parker

The Foremost Orthopedic Surgeon for Parker Residents

Helping in tackling your hip and knee conditions, Dr. Presley Swann works to provide you with innovative surgical solutions. Tending to your needs through a hip preservation center for Parker residents, he carries out hip preservation surgeries and minimally invasive knee and hip surgeries. Trained and specializing in handling direct anterior hip replacements and knee replacement surgeries, Dr. Swann brings forth cutting-edge techniques for the patient requiring a revision knee surgery in Parker. Reinstating your motions in no time and helping you to lead a liberated life, he uses minimally invasive methods.

Being a specialist in hip preservation, he undertakes hip arthroscopy, hip dysplasia surgery, minimally invasive hip resurfacing and periacetabular osteotomy harnessing his years of experience. Whether you’re experiencing pain due to wear and tear or a fracture, he is equipped with the skills to carry out procedures that eliminate pain. Carrying out procedures that prevent the need for a hip replacement, he works as a hip preservation specialist for Parker residents. Avoiding invasive and longer recovery period surgical techniques, Dr. Swann works to provide results that provide faster relief. By seeking the specialist help of a fellowship-trained joint surgeon, you get to return to your old life conveniently.

Undergoing Total-Knee Replacement with a Parker-Based Specialist

Be it a partial-knee replacement surgery or a total knee replacement surgery for Parker residents, Dr. Swann undertakes surgeries for all knee and hip joint conditions. Being one of the finest orthopedic surgeons in Parker, he works to tackle damaged areas, while keeping natural ligaments untouched. Whether you need a revision-knee replacement, due to an infection, fracture, implant loosening, sensitivity or weight gain, Dr. Swann ensures optimal care is provided to you.

With him showcasing his experience and skill as the foremost knee doctor in Parker, you get to access the foremost medical help in Parker. Avoiding complications that come along with a knee or hip surgery, Dr. Swann works to eliminate any resultant effects of a multi-faceted surgery. Ruling out all chances of pain, immobility, bacterial infections and discomfort, Dr. Presley Swann uses innovative techniques. Harnessing a combination of kinetic balancing and a novel approach to pain protocols, he carries out total knee replacement procedures with a specialist approach. Setting a new benchmark for post-surgery recovery, he has carved his position. Being a specialist in carrying out hip replacements and hip preservation surgeries, he is the foremost hip doctor based in Parker.