Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

According to the American Osteopathic Association, one-third of people in the U.S have knee pain, and almost 60% of people refrain from telling their doctor about chronic pain.

Most people who suffer knee pain will probably consider getting a knee replacement surgery, but the aftermath of the surgery is something that makes them stop and think about the entire ordeal. If you’ve been feeling knee pain, then you might relate to the entire situation.

Questions that revolve around knee replacement surgery

You might also be worried about what would become of your knee after the surgery, the amount of time you’ll be away from work or family, what might be the complications or if you’re too old or young. Dr. Presley Swann is a skilled knee and hip orthopedic doctor who is here to tell that many of the arguments that go against knee replacement surgery are actually solid reasons to have the surgery.

Knee surgery will allow you to improve your performance and attendance at work, manage pain better while reducing complications like obesity and a sedentary lifestyle, and the best of all, it can be done at any age.

How can knee surgery help you – The benefits 

Relives chronic pain

The biggest and most significant reason to get knee replacement surgery is that it alleviates you from the excruciating pain you feel when you stand, walk, run, or when why you’re sitting straight or lying down. Most people go for knee surgery solely because they want to manage chronic pain.

 Gets you moving

When you don’t feel pain in your joints, then your movements are a lot better and painless. You’ll plan trips to the beach, more outdoor events because you can easily walk or dance if the occasion requires. And if you live in a huge house, you’ll feel that distances which felt endless are now covered in a short amount of time. Even light knee pain can easily interfere with your daily to-dos, and you can turn out having a bad day at work or at home.

And the biggest of all, people with chronic knee pain prefer a sedentary lifestyle, which results in ill health and weight gain, further damaging their knee joints.

Quick recovery time

People usually label knee replacement as their last resort, but that’s where they are wrong. Aggravated knee pain only makes things more difficult. By taking concentrated medications, you can only buy time, and that too only for so long.

At a point, the medicines might stop producing the desired effect, and you’ll be left helpless. This is where people resort to knee surgery. By this time, the knee has suffered considerable damage, and the surgery only gets more complicated. Dr. Swann recommends consulting a knee doctor or a knee replacement surgeon at the earliest because he is able to create a clinical timeline for either injections or physical therapy until sugery becomes the best option.

Using the same medication for a very long time can affect a particular part of your body which can cause further complications in your condition. You might also develop a physical dependence or addiction to the respective drug.

By going for partial or complete knee replacement surgery, you can reduce reliance on physical therapy sessions, regular medications, and other costly procedures. 

Is knee surgery right for you?

If you experience severe knee pain or joint stiffness that hinders you from completing your daily tasks such as climbing stairs, walking, or rising from a sedentary position, then getting knee surgery might be the thing for you.

Dr. Presley Swann is here to help you

 If you are looking for a knee doctor or a hip preservation specialist, then you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Presley Swann is a fellowhip trained professional who will go the extra mile in taking away the pain from your life. Dr. Swann is trained in robotic, ACL-preserving partial and total knee replacement surgery in Denver! He is also a specialist in hip dysplasia surgery, hip resurfacing, and periacetabular osteotomy. Head over to his knee and hip preservation center or reach out to him over the phone, and he’ll make sure to help you in every way that’ll bring comfort to your life.