Signs That You Need Knee Replacement

Getting a partial or total knee replacement surgery is a huge step, and people often delay getting the surgery longer than they should. So, the question remains, when to get your knee surgery done? Honestly, that’s a question you and your knee replacement surgeon will have to decide together. But when knee pain alters your qulity of life, then you need to act on it before things get worse.

When to consider knee replacement surgery?

You can consider knee replacement surgery when non-surgical procedures such as physical therapy, injections, medication, and the use of a cane or other walking support no longer help you alleviate knee pain. There are other signs as well, such as constant pain, loss of mobility, and difficulty in rising from a sedentary position.

Here at the top signs that show you need knee replacement surgery done ASAP

Constant pain

It is common to suffer knee pain after sustaining a knee injury, but if the pain doesn’t go away after a few years and gets worse with every passing day, then you should start taking the matter more seriously. This constant pain will eventually start to get the best of you which will result in your dependence on pain relievers. Knee surgery can prove to be a healthy way of dealing with your knee pain without constant dependence on medication. 

Difficulty in movement

Walking is often taken for granted by most people but walking comfortably is a dream for people who suffer from chronic knee pain. When you feel that walking or standing is something that you’ve started to avoid, then you should consider knee surgery. Daily activities like walking your dog or walking to your mailbox could become tasks that’ll wear you out.

Nothing helps anymore

This is the biggest and most obvious indicator. If your medication, walking aid, or physical therapy has stopped relieving pain, then the most effective way alevate suffering is have knee replacement surgery.

You feel like sitting the whole day

You might not see it, but since you’ve had knee pain, you’re adopted a more sedentary lifestyle. You no longer enjoy walks or outdoor events; your perfect weekend retreat is lying on bed and watching your favorite TV shows. This will eventually have a tool on your health, you’ll start to develop obesity, and you’ll gain more weight, which in turn will further aggravate your knee pain.

Mentally, it is also taxing to be in constent discountfort. Do you find yourself snapping at others or being agitated because of your knee pain? Do you see a change in your behavior since the pain began?

Are you just sitting and watching people around you have a good time on the beach or in the park, but are just in too much pain to participate? If yes, then you should consider getting knee surgery.


An aching knee feels like it could buckle or crack at any time; this leaves you limping around. The problem only gets worse as you age. You will require a walking cane or other support aids to help you walk or stand. If this is the case, then you should consider your knee replacement surgeon and consider going for knee surgery. After running some tests, the doctor will identify that you need total or partial knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Presley Swann is here for you

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