Robotics-Assisted Knee Replacement in Denver

A Denver First
Dr. Presley Swann is currently the only surgeon with exclusive rights in Denver to use the Cori Robotic Surgical System. Dr. Swann is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon and is fellowship trained. His expertise in joint replacement has allowed him to reach the top of his field. The Cori Joint Replacement Services is the first robotics system that preserves your Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL). By preserving your own anatomy, you have less downtime and less pain post-surgically. Many people are currently concerned about Covid exposure while staying in the hospital post-surgically, and therefore, outpatient procedures have risen drastically. Dr. Swann has used the technology of the Cori Surgical System to create a less painful outpatient knee replacement procedure. The Cori Surgical System assists the surgeon to precisely fitting the new knee implant while removing the damaged bone and cartilage. While keeping your own unique anatomy in mind, this revision knee system creates a more accurate and precise
placement of your knee implant. This advanced technology and the correct placement
determine not only your outcome, but the longevity of wear and tear on the implant.

No CT Scan – No Radiation
The Cori System eliminates potentially harmful radiation because this unique system does not require a CT (Computed Tomography) scan to collect your anatomical landmarks. This limits the amount of radiation you receive and the robot is able to collect anatomic and alignment information for your knee. Once the information is gathered, it is used to create a precise 3-D rendering of your knee to assist Dr. Swann in his surgical approach.

Less Pain
Another unique aspect to the Cori total knee replacement surgery does not require rods drilled
into the central canal of your bone similar to most other knee replacements. Instead, the
surgeon is able to use small pins since the robot has already created a precise position for the
implant to be placed. This process allows the central canal of your bone not to be touched and
therefore, you experience less pain post-surgically.

Trust the most up to date technology with the experience of a top surgeon for your knee
replacement! See Dr. Swann in Denver for your knee replacement today! He’s one of the best knee doctor in Denver!