Why Do Patients Require Revision Knee Replacement?

For most individuals across the globe, total-knee surgery provides life-long and pain-free mobility. This surgery is carried out to counter the impact of a traumatic injury, a lifestyle choice, e.g., athlete or owing to the onset of aging. Carried out successfully, this surgery provides the patient with relief, ease, and restored mobility. However, in certain scenarios and certain total knee replacement surgeries, the replaced parts are damaged or either reach the course of their lifespan. In such a circumstance, the resulting results of the surgery fail, requiring an individual to undergo a revision knee replacement surgery.

Causes for a Revision Knee Replacement

With individuals experiencing pain, swelling, or instability within their knee, opting for a surgical intervention becomes necessary. Following are the plausible causes or reasons for patients to opt for a revision knee surgery.

  • Infection: when a fungus or bacteria attaches to the metal implant
  • Implant Loosening: the attached metal parts loosen from the bone or either excessive plastic wear
  • Fractures: a traumatic experience resulting in bones to break, e.g., accident or a fall
  • Inappropriate Primary Total Knee Surgery: implanting the prosthesis in an inaccurate manner during the initial surgery
  • Sensitivity: body not accepting the material in the implanted prosthesis (Nickel allergies)
  • Weight Gain: the prosthesis wearing off due to weight gain

If an individual is based out of Denver, then opting to undergo a revision knee surgery in a Denver-based clinic can prove to be advantageous. Such a clinic will ensure they receive an optimal level of care, skill, and experience while undergoing surgery and post the surgery.

Treatment- Revision Knee Replacement

The process of Revision surgery is significantly more complicated than the initial knee replacement. This is because the original prosthesis may have already fused within the bone and could potentially have been misaligned to start. This will, therefore, require bone grafting or a variety of other specialized procedures to restore and repair the damage done.

Opting to get their revision knee replacement surgery conducted in Denver by an expert in replacing knees is an easy way to avoid the complications that come along with the surgery. With the presence of individual differences, a patient may require specialized implants, such as the requirement for thicker and longer stems to be placed deeper into the bone for extra support. Moreover, if the patient has experienced bone loss, then the specialist will have to work on correcting that bone.

A combination of factors goes into perfecting a surgery, as experience, skill, and capacity to handle intricate surgical work is paramount. Being a complex and multi-faceted surgery, patients need to administer the help of a skilled and competent orthopedic surgeon, as otherwise, they can continue to experience immobility, pain, discomfort, or bacterial infections.

Whether the patient is young or an aging individual, it is important to rectify symptoms and take the necessary help. Through the specialist help of a surgeon based in Denver, patients can access the help that will help them recover quickly, than have to deal with the unnecessary hassles associated with an unskillful and poorly done surgery.