Save Yourself from Pain with Total Knee Replacement

Getting your knee damaged by an injury or arthritis can cause the worst possible pain that can keep you up at night. Even the simplest tasks become a hassle when you feel pain while walking or even slightly moving your knee.

When everyday life becomes difficult, like climbing stairs, folding legs, or laying down, and when medicines and walking supports stop being helpful, you should consider your other option that might help with the pain.

We are talking about total knee replacement surgery, which is an effective way to give you back your pain-free life and correct any leg deformity that you might have, because who doesn’t want to have a normal life, right?

At Colorado Knee and Hip, we understand that going for a total knee replacement surgery is a big decision, and you might have some rightful reservations about it. And that is why we are here to tell you about some of its most valuable benefits.

Benefits of choosing total knee replacement

A bad knee can make you old before you actually get old. Your life comes to a halt because you can’t perform many tasks that people of your age can. Indeed, you shouldn’t get the surgery as soon as you start to feel pain in your knee. But, when you have tried everything else and still fail to cure it, it is time to consider knee surgery seriously.

Knee surgery can help you with many things. Here are some of its most important benefits:

Improve your mobility

Knee pain can really gives you a sense of disability because it hinders you from walking at longer distances (sometimes shorter distances too). Sometimes it even stops you from walking easily in your house or workplace. Since your physical activity goes from walking all the time to sitting for most of the time, you get used to an inactive life. An inactive life can lead to severe weight gain, sicknesses, and depression.

However, knee surgery can help you fight such situations. It will allow you to resume everyday activities like walking, climbing, running, or sitting on the floor. Surgery can especially be helpful if you are falling into despair.

Mental satisfaction

It is normal to feel worried about such a major surgery. But, you would be peaceful after knowing that total knee surgery has such a high success rate because of the medical advancement that there is an almost 95% surgery success chance.

95% of the patients who get knee surgery recover fully and are satisfied with their results.

Knee surgeries are not restricted to age or gender. Instead, it depends on the disability and pain of the patient. So, anyone can get the surgery for improved life quality.

Relief from pain

No human wants to feel pain deliberately; even a small thing like a paper cut can cause pain, and we flinch because of it, which is why we know the unimaginable pain a bad knee can cause. However, knee surgery can take a considerable amount of pain away from the one you feel daily while standing, walking, or even sitting.

A healthier treatment response

Arthritis or knee injury is not the only reasons to get total knee injury. Instead, you can get injured if you have swollen or inflamed knees that don’t get better even after prolonged medications, treatments, rest, cortisone injections, therapies, lubricating injections, or other methods.

Knee surgery has a better treatment response than all other treatment options like physical therapy, injections, and especially medications because medicines can cause harmful side effects on the body, addiction, and dependence on drugs that can affect the quality of your life.

The verdict

Improvement of your knee is the ultimate goal of the total knee replacement surgery, and that is what you will get after a successful injury. You will undoubtedly feel pain after surgery, but that pain won’t be worse than the one you have been feeling every day since your knee got hurt.

The surgery pain will go away after some time, and during that time, you will have to take good care of your knee. Once your knee recovers, you can return to your normal life and enjoy it to its fullest.

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