Why You Should Visit Orthopedic Doctor

Has there been a constant pain in your joints, muscles, or bones for the past few months, which doesn’t seem to leave you alone, no matter how much you massage it, put relaxants on, or take pain medication? Then, it may be time for you to visit an orthopedic surgeon in Denver.


Sometimes, it so happens that you feel unusual symptoms in your body that occur out of nowhere and also go beyond your family history. A family doctor can diagnose or treat such issues. And one similar situation is when you feel strange pain in your joints, bones, or muscles. If anything happens, you should drop everything and visit your knee and hip doctor in Colorado before the situation worsens. There is no need to live in pain.

When should you call an orthopedic doctor?

Before getting into details about the pains, you need to get checked by an orthopedic. But there are five common signs you should never ever ignore, and get treatment ASAP!

  • Tissue injury (soft), which didn’t improve after weeks of injury
  • Instability while standing or walking
  • Chronic pain (pains that last longer than 12 weeks)
  • Discomfort, stiffness or pain that makes daily activities painful.
  • Decreased motions
  • Weakness or numbness in legs or arms

Pains that you need to get checked by an orthopedic doctor

Now you know pain can hinder your life and make even the simplest tasks difficult. But, if you get checked by a skilled doctor, they can help you decrease pain in musculoskeletal areas. Here are six pains and injuries you should get checked by your knee and hip doctor.

Knee Pains

Knee pain can happen due to several reasons; an injury could have occurred, lack of cartilage, you could have decreased joint fluid, etc. Usually, knee pains require a diagnostic before the physician is able to diagnose the severity of the injury or before they suggest a solution or how to treat it.

If you leave the knee injury for longer than it can fester and have negative consequences on your life.

Sciatic Pains

Sciatic pain is known to be one of the most unbearable and cruciating pain that doesn’t let you stand, sit or lay down in peace. It is a pain that starts from the lower back and then extends to the buttocks while also affecting both legs. The pain usually happens because your sciatic nerve gets pinched (due to slipped disc of the spine)

Shoulder Pains

Since the shoulder performs a wide range of actions, it is susceptible to various kinds of injuries like cuff tears, dislocated shoulder, tendonitis, etc.; an injured shoulder also affects your ability to move your arm and hand you can become disabled. If the pains last too long or come back often, you should see a doctor. The doctor might place your arm in a cast in a particular position, or they may suggest you proper physiotherapy so that it cures you.

Repetitive Motion Injury Pain

In the modern world, we often have to stand and sit for long hours in front of a computer, painting, construction, cleaning, or gardening (there are some things that we have to do daily because of our jobs). Unfortunately, doing so can make us prone to repetitive motion pains. An orthopedic won’t only have solutions your injury or pains but will also give you suggestions on how to avoid them.

Tingling in limbs

When we sit or stand in one position for too long, we get a tingling and numb feeling in the limbs.  Mostly it is nothing other than your body telling you that you need to move. But, this sensation can sometimes be due to carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, nerve damage, or lack of red blood cells. If you have diabetes, then you may feel numbness because of neuropathy.

So to determine why you get numb in some regions of your body; you should get yourself checked by an orthopedic.

Soft tissue injury

Soft tissues are sensitive and fragile, so that they can damage quickly and easily. Sometimes you sprain your ankle or strain your knees. But the problem starts when that injury doesn’t get better with time. If your old injuries still give you a hard time, then it’s time to get it checked by an orthopedic.


So, if you are feeling a constant pain in the above mentioned places, or if you feel sore or stiff after sitting for too long or sleeping or do you have a long-gone injury that still makes you yelp with pain every now and then? If you are feeling discomfort in any part of your joints, bones or muscles; then you should visit the doctor without further ado because you don’t want the situation to worsen.

Don’t wait; get an appointment today with your orthopedic doctor and save yourself from unimaginable pain.

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